When WPF Commands update their CanExecute states?

When writing Command="{Binding WalterlvCommand}" into your XAML code and your button or other controls can automatically execute command and updating the command states, such as enabling or disabling the button.

We’ll talk about when the UI commands will refresh their can-execute states and how to force updating the states.

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A simple sample

<Button x:Name="TestCommand" Command="{Binding WalterlvCommand}" />
public class Walterlv
    // Assume that I've initialized this command.
    public WalterlvCommand WalterlvCommand { get; }

public class WalterlvCommand : ICommand
    public bool SomeFlag { get; set; }

    bool ICommand.CanExecute(object parameter)
        // Return the real can execution state.
        return SomeFlag;

    void ICommand.Execute(object parameter)
        // The actual executing procedure.

See this code below. After 5 seconds, the button will still be disabled even that we set the SomeFlat to true.

var walterlv = new Walterlv();
TestCommand.DataContext = walterlv;

await Task.Delay(5000);
walterlv.WalterlvCommand.SomeFlag = true;

How to update manually?

Call this method after you want to update your command states if it won’t update:


When do the commands update their states?

Commands only update when these general events happen:

You can see the code here:

And the key code is here:

if (e.StagingItem.Input.RoutedEvent == Keyboard.KeyUpEvent ||
    e.StagingItem.Input.RoutedEvent == Mouse.MouseUpEvent ||
    e.StagingItem.Input.RoutedEvent == Keyboard.GotKeyboardFocusEvent ||
    e.StagingItem.Input.RoutedEvent == Keyboard.LostKeyboardFocusEvent)

Actually, not only those events above but also these methods below refresh the command states:

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